The Mis-education of African-Americans and Technology

Before the Internet, technology was confined to big business.  Formal Technology training was geared towards creating and developing systems to support big businesses.  In college you learn about ethics and accountability.  It makes you sensitive and conscious about the things you put in the world.  

The Internet has given us the ability to create independently outside of big business.  I love it and hate it.  I hate it when I see people using technology in a negative way to commit crimes, to bully people, to use hurtful words toward people, to exploit and hurt children and to display suggestive explicit sexual behavior.  Unfortunately, from what I am observing, the Internet may be doing more harm to African-Americans than good.  To use this tool as some are using it, is hurting our culture, our people and our children.  As users of the internet, African-Americans have taken it too far to the left. The negative use of the Internet is canceling out the positive things people are doing.  I have never seen and heard so much trash in all of my years of living.  Technology was not meant for this nonsense.  Where is the respect for yourself, your family, our children and our ancestor’s?  When did it become okay to belittle and hurt our children?  When did it become okay to take pictures of yourself 3/4's naked and post them on the internet for the world to see? 

 It has become a big freaking circus mainly because people are not educated properly about the use of technology.  It doesn't matter how much money you have, if you are not properly educated you are at risk of being taken advantage of and you are likely to follow others who are not educated and end up doing foolish things that are detrimental to your well being as well as hurting others.  This incorrect model is perpetuated over and over until it's unbearable to watch and someone finally stands up to say enough of this nonsense because it doesn't add any value what so ever to our lives.  It's not healthy.

Use your brain and this tool in a positive way to create and develop something fantastic that will improve our culture and will lead our children to a better place.  But I guess that’s too much work.  It’s too much work for you to go and sit in a computer class and learn how to become a creator, an innovator or a developer to help solve some of the problems we’re having.  Trying to take the easy way out by not getting educated causes a problem in society and in our culture.  Stop being part of the problem and become a problem solver? Learn how to use technology the right way.  Do something positive with your life so your children can learn positive things from you and can be proud of where they come from.  The first teacher of a child is you, the parent.  Start building something positive and leave a positive legacy on this earth.

Get your GED if you don’t have a High School Diploma.  Learn a skill. Enroll in a Community College or get into a University.  Take one class at a time if you have too. There are so many programs that have been created to uplift us out of poverty.  But you have to get in them and stay in them until you accomplish whatever it is you are seeking to accomplish.  One thing is for sure, whatever profession you decide to pursue, you will have to study it to become proficient in it.  You will have to put in many long hours to achieve it. You have to become a master.  If you just try, you will be surprised at what you can achieve for yourself and for your children.  We have got to turn this thing around.  You can do this, it’s not impossible.  It is achievable!

This song was playing in my mind as I was writing. 

 Wake Up Everybody 


From My Soul to Yours,

Gre-Fonda Hardy
Gre-Fonda Hardy


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